the cheeky mare bar

The Cheeky Mare Bar is a vintage Rice Beaufort horse box trailer, converted to a fully equipped bar ready for all promotion and events. Her owners and staff are great fun and fantastic company, so it was only natural that their brief said: “Be inspired by the great Lucille Ball”. How very fitting considering Lucille portrayed a sense of cheeky, charm and good old-fashioned fun.

let’s get this party started

We researched the 1950’s, ranging from typography, colours, fashion, and advertising. The final logo we created was an illustration of a stereotypical 1950’s lady enjoying a well-earned glass of ‘mummy’s medicine’, complimented with suitable typeface and colour scheme.

The roll out

Once the logo was completed and universally ‘whoop whooped’ by the Cheeky Mares, we designed and organised the make-over of the horsebox livery, created staff T-shirts, drinks coasters, cups, bottles and all rounded off with a bright, fun-filled website.

Visit site.


“An extremely accommodating working style which provides huge benefits to the customer. I would highly recommend their design services and easy going approach.

Jackie Colwell, Managing Director
Cheeky Mare Bar

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