Core finance management

Core Finance Management is an established company that offers a full range of payment solutions to meet the needs of all UK Contractors and Freelancers.

We created a typographical logo with the ‘C’ representing an apple with a subtle leaf as a slight tip of the hat to a money tree which was the original conception of the brand name.

The colour scheme of racing green and gold completed the desired look of wealth and prestige that Core Finance Management deserve.


The branding was carried across to the digital world and was the foundation for the design and build of the new Core website. Unlike their competitors, the Core website is visually strong and engaging, uses terrific, blue-chip imagery and keeps its copy content short, sharp and to the point rather than bogging the user down with endless financial jargon.

Taking it to market

The new branding was used for advertising both on and offline, and strategically used in business to business publications, brochures, stationery, marketing materials, and numerous promotional events and business workshops.

The overall response to everything has been extremely positive and has helped Core visually stand head and shoulders above competitors in a very tough marketplace.

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“The 1THIRTY3 team really get the vision for Core, from the logo to the design concept right through to building our website. They will always go above and beyond to get stuff done quickly for us when we need something new for a client or we have a new angle we want to focus on. You won’t be disappointed if you choose to work with 1thirty3.

Lauren Baker, Director,
Core Finance Management

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