Core Finance Management

Specialists in helping your profits grow


Project Description

Core Finance Management is an established company that offers a full range of payment solutions to meet the needs of all UK Contractors and Freelancers. 


Branding. Print DesignAdvertising, Web Design, Email Marketing

The Identity

The Core name was established because of the industry’s link to money, wealth and the old age symbol of a money tree.

The client wanted a logo that portrayed class and trust but stipulated they did not want a money tree for fear of being cliché

So we took a typographical approach with the ‘C’ representing an apple with a subtle leaf effect as it was agreed we need just a slight tip of the hat to a money tree to maintain the company name’s original conception and to tie it to its roots… (these puns are getting worse!).

The colour scheme of racing green and gold completed the desired look of wealth and prestige.

TLBE Zombie

Whether big or small 1THIRTY3 has always come through for us.

Lauren Baker, Business Development Manager, Core Finance Management

Print and Online

The new branding was used for advertising in business to buisness publications, brochures, stationery and then finally online.

All collateral utilised the two main colours of racing green and gold and adding a slight golden tint to the imagery to continiue the prestigous effect necessary for a company of this stature.

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