The ‘It’s About Time’ campaign was launched by Boehringer-Ingelheim introducing Vargatef, a treatment that significantly extends overall survival to beyond one year for patients with lung cancer. The campaign was based on the 12 months of a year and the main image was of a single scenic landscape but split over the four seasons.

iTS Leadership needed a new and totally different theme for their next team building experience. After our usual brainstorming, trials and test runs we settled on recreating the campaign image but as an illustration in the style of paint by numbers. The illustration would be drawn in Adobe Illustrator, printed onto a canvas and secured onto a wooden frame.

Each landscape needed to be drawn from scratch (allowing some artistic license). Each key element needed to be assigned a specific number that corresponded to a colour chart we provided so the team members could paint it in the correct colours. This took intricate planning and days of hard graft using all the Adobe Illustrator skills known to man!

The Event

The teams painted straight onto the canvas using acrylics. Each canvas was 1m wide by 2m high so the standard of the illustrator work had to be perfect.

Once completed each canvas was mounted next to each other to complete the whole scene. It’s evident from the following images of the actual day that everyone had incredible fun and the finished product looked spectacular.

“We have worked with 1THIRTY3 on several important projects for our top clients over the last few years. We love the way they take a different perspective on the creative challenges we have and from here work together with us to design the optimal solution.”

Liz Babb, Senior Business Consultant, iTS Leadership

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