iTS Leadership - New York City

Team building in the city that never sleeps


The Client

iTS Leadership provides mentoring, coaching and team development workshops for some of the biggest brands in the world. Through group workshops, retreats and individual work, iTS Leadership improve the performance of teams to enable them to reach their full potential.


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The Big Idea

iTS Leadership approached us to create a unique team building experience for leading pharmaceutical company that was taking place in New York City.

The brief was simple (they said): “Create something that has the WOW factor, was transportable to NYC in our luggage and was relevant to New York”.

After lots of brainstorming and taking into consideration the practicalities involved, we decided to do something easy… we were going to build them the famous NYC skyline!

Flat Packing

We worked out that by designing the skyline as a flat pack system, it could be neatly packed securely in regular luggage (overcoming the transportation problem) and the teams get the fun of assembling it for their team building day.

We researched the most iconic buildings in NYC and settled on recreating the Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre, Chrysler Building, One World Trade Centre, Madison Square Garden and Trump Soho (where the teams were staying).

The buildings ranged in size from 400mm to 1500mm in height so once assembles, it would be quite a sight.

TLBE Zombie

“Our clients are the top blue-chip pharmaceutical companies in the world, who expect the very best from their suppliers and 1THIRTY3 help us give them just that, every time.”

Antony Tinker, Leading Director, iTS Leadership

Augmented Reality

Using augmented reality, the teams were able to access pre-recorded videos of their colleagues talking of the expectations of the event, bizarre NYC facts and highlight reels of some of the experiences that iTS Leadership had planned for the forthcoming days, such as going to watch the New York Rangers play at Madison Square Garden.

Due to the success of the event and the spectacle of the constructed skyline, the company decided to transport the entire system back to England where it now takes pride of place in their offices.

TLBE Zombie

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