KM Facilities Management Group

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The Client

KM Facilities Management Group is the parent company of KM Security Solutions, KM Cleaning Services, KM FM Technologies and Qube Recruitment. They are hugely successful and impressive company, with an established team of industry professionals to make sure your facilities management needs are fully met.


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A New Look

The KMFM Group set us a new brief to completely change their marketing and promotional material to launch at the renowned Kent Vision Live.

Part of the KMFM Group’s mantra is: “We have an established team of industry professionals at our core so we can deliver on our promises.” 

We took the keyword, core, and revolutionised their entire identity, using Earth and the elements to represent each company:

  • Group – the core and the heart
  • Security – the overseeing sky
  • Cleaning – the lush, green forest
  • Technologies – the far-reaching oceans
  • Recruitment – the nurtured floral
TLBE Zombie

We work with 1THIRTY3 for many different reasons but the main one is simple…. Because they’re 1THIRTY3. We have direct communication with them and they understand us, our brand and how we work.”

Natalie Winter, Director, KM Facilities Management Group

The Exhibition

For Kent Vision, we rolled out the new marketing with a plush, vibrant exhibition stand, advertising, brochures, keep sakes and various other collateral for the day.

We were overwhelmed with the response of the work produced and to say KMFM Group stood out would be a undertatement. The Kent Vision event was a huge succes and the marketing received rave reviews.

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