NHS Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells Hospitals (MTW) needed a new corporate identity to help them compete with private healthcare facilities in and around the area.

The new identity has been rolled out across both hospitals and used for everything from signage (inside and out), all literature, marketing and their intranet and public website.

The campaign was to focus on the amount of specialists needed and the high level of care given to perform what we, the public, often see as a routine operation. The final line of each poster focuses on the cured patient’s renewed ability to do the simple things in life that we all take for granted.

The campaign was hugely successful and was advertised at specific locations around Kent such as town centres and public transport. MTW were confident enough to open the campaign to social media interaction.

It is pleasing to say the public’s comments were all very positive and the messaging certainly hit home with a vast majority of the feedback being “I never realised the amount of effort that went into fixing people”.

“The team are great to work with; extremely flexible, innovative and they understand very quickly what will work (and what won’t). No frills or hassle – just elegant design well delivered.”

Paul Newman, Head of Comms, MTW NHS

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