Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Hospitals needed an internal campaign to run at the same time as the external one. This campaign was to promote the invaluable service that both hospitals provide and the dedication the staff have to helping patients.

This was achieved by using real testimonials that MTW had received from Facebook, Twitter and their own website. We did a photo shoot using real members of staff from both hospitals to emphasise the personal touch and commitment MTW has with their patients.

The campaign was also targeted to staff to show them how valued they are within the corporation and there are now dozens of large format posters around both hospitals that are winning rave reviews.

This campaign was to promote to the invaluable service and the dedication the staff have to helping the public.

“We work with 1THIRTY3 for many different reasons but the main one is simple…. Because they’re 1THIRTY3. We have direct communication with them and they understand us, our brand and how we work.”

Claire Davis, Comms Manager, MTW NHS

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