The London Bridge Experience and Tombs

Officially the Top Horror Attraction in the World

The Client

The London Bridge Experience and Tombs came to us several years back because they wanted to liven up their advertising campaigns with a style that was more Hollywood blockbuster and a truer representation of their growing brand and venue.

With their amazing shows, actors and staff and, dare we say it, our expertise in advertising, branding, and design, TLBE have recently become the OFFICIAL Top Horror Attraction in the World and won the UK’s Top Scare Attraction for the ninth consecutive year as well as various other highly prestigious awards.


Print DesignAdvertising, Web DesignExhibition Design, Marketing

Winner Best Guided
Winner Best Guided
Winner Best Guided

Print advertising

We created a new series of adverts to promote this magnificent attraction. The ads regularly appear high profile UK publications such as Evening Standard, Metro, and various tourist magazines both on and offline.

The campaign has also been adapted for joint promotional material with Planet Hollywood and British Airways and has been translated into multiple languages so they can appear in various European publications.

We have also produced a series of large format advertising for billboards that have been used to promote TLBE across London.

TLBE Zombie

As Commercial Director I have little time to brief our advertising designs or artwork but fortunately we use 1THIRTY3 who know our brand so well, they’ve usually finished the job before I even ask for it to be started.

Emma-Jane Nuttbrown, Commercial Director, The London Bridge Experience and Tombs

Online advertising

We regularly design and produce online banners that feature across the web and across Europe. These ads feature a number of sites such as Time Out, Evening Standard, Piqniq, and WOWCHER.

Combined with the print adverts, these campaigns have helped promote TLBE though out Europe at various trade shows for the tourism industry that is so important for the UK.

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