The London Tombs have launched a new event called Silver Scream Sleepovers. Basically, if you”re insane and like to be scared witless (we said witless), you can watch a classic horror movie in The London Tombs and then bed down for the night for a sleepover… with some unexpected horror throughout the occasion.

We developed an independent identity for Silver Scream Sleepovers and then incorporated it into a series of email campaigns that were mailed out to subscribers.

Each email showed the main cast, a brief description of the movie and a nasty little animated gif to help capture the recipients attention.

The films on show were The Omen, Nightmare On Elm Street, The Fly and Psycho and the results of the email campaign have been such a huge success that TLBE are now redesigning and renovating their entire corporate set for further events.

“As Commercial Director I have little time to brief our advertising designs or artwork but fortunately we use 1THIRTY3 who know our brand so well, they’ve usually finished the job before I even ask for it to be started.”

Emma-Jane Nuttbrown, Commercial Director, The London Bridge Experience

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